USCF Rated Tournament

Here are the upcoming events at the Rochester Chess Club.

At The Club

This week: Jack Fulsom and Rob Newshutz are wrapping up their chess camps today and tomorrow night at the Harwick.

Tuesday, 7/24: We are having a casual night at the chess club (free!).  Come anytime and play games for fun.  Last meeting we had some instruction, blitz chess, and a team trade-off game.

Saturday, 7/28: The popular monthly rated tournaments are back!  Jack Fulsom will be directing a Game/60 tournament that is USCF rated.  More info on the Monthly Rated event page.  If you plan on playing send Jack an email to help him prepare for the turnout.  Sets and clocks are provided.  If you don’t have a USCF membership you can sign up at the site, or in advance at


On we are starting two new events. is free to join and is one of the best chess sites on the net.  After you join request to be added to our Rochester Chess Club group.  Please let me know if you have questions about joining.

Event 1)  Vote Chess!  We will all vote on moves to be played against an opposing team.  24 hours per move.

Event 2) Team Match!  We are paired up on boards against an opposing team.  3 days per move, vacation time available.


If you haven’t liked the Facebook page yet, here is the address:  Liking this page helps spread the word about our club.



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