Ben Schimke Wins Noel Skelton Bantam Section!

Noel Skelton Open – A handful of Rochester area players attended the Noel Skelton Open over the Labor Day Weekend.  The highlight for the group was Ben Schimke scoring 4.5/5 and winning clear first in the Bantam division!  Congrats Ben on a strong performance!  Nate Harmsen also participated in the Bantam section scoring 2 points and gaining over 50 rating points.   In the Reserve section Tim Schimke was in a tie for 8th place scoring 3 points out of 5 with only one loss.  Maor Leker Locker scored 2 points in the section with a win over an 1800 player.  Rob Newshutz represented Rochester in the Premier division scoring 2 points including a draw with an expert.  Overall this was a strong performance from the Rochester crowd.

Tuesday – This Tuesday will be a casual night at the club.  Come, hang out, have fun, and play some chess.

Chess Article – I recently wrote an article for on middlegame planning in the Ruy Lopez that anyone can view for free.  Here’s the link:—the-ruy-lopez

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