Rochester was successful at the TCCL!

TCCL Recap

The Rochester Chess Club and Mayo Clinic Chess Club will be sending up three teams each month to the Twin Cities Chess League.  Last night was the first round of the 2012-2013 season.  We received positive news that our top team would be bumped up to the Gold division.  The TCCL is divided in three sections called Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  The Gold and Silver sections are 8 team all-play-all format that requires qualification from previous seasons.  The Bronze division is open to all and has teams ranging from about 800 to 1800.  Rochester has one team in each division and our players are ordered by USCF ratings.  The teams are all named after Mayo this year to have some continuity among the teams.  Mayo also provides us a free playing site for all of our club meetings and tournaments.

In the Gold section the Mayo Ultimates (Scott Riester, Matt Jensen, Piyush Mukherjee, Rob Newshutz) won 2.5-1.5 against the Twin Knights of CCOM to put us in a tie for 2nd place out of 8.

In the Silver section the Mayo B2 or not B2 (Roy Truelson, Kevin Gaustad, George Paulik, Roy Knuth) won 3-1 against the Ministry of Silly Moves to put us in 3rd place out of 8.

In the Bronze section the Mayo Knights (Dennis Mays, Peter Hansel, Maor Leker Locker, Paul Kinion) won 3.5-0.5 against the Flaming Ostriches to put us in a tie for 4th place out of 20.

<link to results spreadsheet>

This Week

Tuesday night will be casual night at the club.  This would be a great night to bring friends who haven’t been to the club yet.

Saturday we are holding our monthly rated tournament.  Please email Matt for pre-registration.

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