Scott Riester wins MN Class Championship Masters/Experts Section!


NM Scott Riester has won the 2012 Minnesota Class Championship master/expert section with an extremely impressive perfect score!  I will post the link to the results once it’s available.  Other players from Rochester were Matt Jensen, Dennis Mays and Maor Leker Locker.

Tomorrow night

We will have an officer meeting at 6:00 PM tomorrow night.  Everyone is invited.  Casual chess will also start at the same time.

Chess Teaching opportunity

I have been teaching beginners the game of chess at the Rochester Montessori School. I have been using Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition’s Academy by Josh Watskin. They are learning a little, but haven’t been putting it to good use yet. I would like to invite the Rochester Chess Club to meet at the school on a given club night and play some one on one with the students then a personalized post mortem with the student you play. We will be able to serve Pizza and drinks after.

I have 14 students, and would need that many club members. I would like to do this 12/4 or 12/11 @ 6:30. Please let me know of your interest. Contact me at:

– Mike McKinley

RCC has a new vote chess game and will be starting an U1600 tournament.  If you haven’t played any tournaments this would be a good one to start in.

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