National Master Scott Riester Analyzing Games on Tuesday

Tuesday:  National Master and Minnesota Master/Expert Class Champion Scott Riester will be analyzing our games on Tuesday.   Free for members and $5 for non-members.  We will start around 6:30 PM.  It will also be a casual night for those interested in playing some games on the side.

March G/90:  We are up to 9 players for the March G/90 tournament!  Please check out our list and send Matt an email or sign-up at club if you are interested in joining.

Rochester Grand Winter Open:  This is one of the two large tournaments we run in Rochester every year.  Please see the RGWO page for details and register online.

Free Book Giveaway:  Jack and Matt will be starting the free book giveaways back up soon.  If you have any books to donate please drop them off at the club.


Stay tuned for information on a live lecture from Grandmaster Larry Christiansen with RCC members!  We are finalizing the details with Larry C.

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