The Rated March G/90 Tournament

This tournament is looking to be one of the clubs strongest tournaments of the year so far.

4 rounds of G/90; d/5 starting at 6:30 PM (or sooner if both players present) on our normal Tuesdays.  Pairings will be made the week prior and players should give notice by 6:30 PM the week prior if they can not make the next week.  Format will be a swiss with multiple sections if we have enough players.  USCF rated.  Please email Matt to pre-register or sign-up below.
Rounds: March 5, 12, 19, 26.   ½ point byes available.

Pre-registration list

1.Ron Deike (2006)

 2.Rob Newshutz (1931)

3.Ralph Townsend (1857)

4.George Paulik (1722)

5.Roy Knuth (1715)

6.Maor Leker Locker (1652)

7.Dennis Mays (1643)

8.Larry Jasperson (1607); ½ point byes round 1 and 3

9.Tim Schimke (1526)

10.Jack Fulsom (1498)

11.Scott Regener (1495)

12.George Berg (1438)

13.Paul Kinion (1417)

14.Dave Frogner (1305); ½ point bye round 2

15.Frank Fulsom (1186)

16.Ben Schimke (1178)

17.Mikael Paulik (1176)

18.Gilbert Baron (985)

19.Ben Yan (953)

20.Edwin Albrecht (597)

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