NM Matt Dahl wins record 5th Rochester Open!

Rochester Grand Summer Open: Matt Dahl wins his 5th Rochester Open!  Matt generously donated his prize back to the Rochester Chess Club.  We have enjoyed having Matt at out tournaments over the years and we’d like to thank him for his donation.  There is a picture of Matt on our Rochester Open Winners page holding up his record breaking crosstable.  http://rochesterchess.com/about/rochester-open-winners/  We’d also like to recognize Scott Regener of the Rochester Chess Club for his very strong performance coming in clear 2nd place in the top section!  Photos of the event by Nick Lawrence.  Nick did not add any mark-up to the price of the prints so you will notice they are inexpensive.  Thanks Nick!

RCC Closed Qualifiers: http://rochesterchess.com/schedule/rcc-2013-championship/

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Tuesday Night: Officer meeting at 6 and casual chess starting at 6:30.

2013 RCC Correspondence Championship: Register.  The tournament will start at the conclusion of the 2012 RCC Correspondence Championship.

Previous Events

Recent USCF Results:  All RCC rated events

  • Rochester Grand Summer Open
    • Premier – Matt Dahl
    • Amateur – Brian Billman
    • Reserve – Zhengdao Lin, Niki Ringel, Kevin Yi
    • Bantam – Donald Corrigan
  • June 4, J-Blitz
    • Kevin Gaustad
  • May G/90
    • Open – Maor Leker Locker
    • U1600 – Richard Huang
  • May 21, U1000 G/30 week 3:
    • 1st – Edwin Albrecht
  • May 21, U1000 G/30 week 2:
    • 1st – Edwin Albrecht
  • May 14, U1000 G/30 week 1:
    • 1st – Nate Harmsen

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