Register for the July Game/90!

July Game/90: Sign-up now available at Sisira’s website, free to enter for RCC members!  Players below 1000 we will be having other rated tournaments while the G/90 is in progress. then direct to the RCC July G/90 registration link.

RCC Closed Qualifiers:

Upcoming Events

Tuesday Night: Kevin Gaustad’s Revenge G/5, d5 tournament starting at 7:00.  USCF-rated and cost is $1 for RCC members.  If you aren’t a current Rochester Chess Club member you can sign-up at the club or on our website (left sidebar).

July G/90: Intended for players rated >1000 in two sections, Open and U1600.  The games start at 6:30 PM the first four Tuesdays in July.  Pairings are made one week in advance and emailed to the participants.  This is a qualifier for the RCC closed tournament. then direct to the RCC July G/90 registration link.

2013 RCC Correspondence Championship: Register.  The tournament will start at the conclusion of the 2012 RCC Correspondence Championship.

Previous Events

Recent USCF Results:  All RCC rated events

  • Rochester Grand Summer Open
    • Premier – Matt Dahl
    • Amateur – Brian Billman
    • Reserve – Zhengdao Lin, Niki Ringel, Kevin Yi
    • Bantam – Donald Corrigan
  • June 4, J-Blitz
    • Kevin Gaustad
  • May G/90
    • Open – Maor Leker Locker
    • U1600 – Richard Huang
  • May 21, U1000 G/30 week 3:
    • 1st – Edwin Albrecht
  • May 21, U1000 G/30 week 2:
    • 1st – Edwin Albrecht
  • May 14, U1000 G/30 week 1:
    • 1st – Nate Harmsen

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