US Open Update

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be round 2 of the July G/90.

For players <1600 we will have another G/25, d5 rated tournament starting at 6:30 PM.  Byes available if you arrive late or would like to leave early.


US Open Notice from Dennis Mays:

A Heritage Event!

114th United States Open

Chess Championship


27 July – August 4, 2013 · Madison, WI



Madison Marriott West

1313 John Q Hammons Drive

Middleton, WI 53562

Chess Rate:  $99 UNTIL 12 July 2013 THEN regular rates apply!!!

Call: 888.745.2032

Ask for the Chess Rate!


Hurry and book your hotel rooms now!


Overflow Hotel

Fairfield Inn and Suites

Chess Rate $99

MUST book by July 15, 2013!!!



Entry Fee: $165 Online by Sunday, July 14, 2013,

$167 if Mailed by Sunday, July 14, 2013, or

$170 by Phone by Sunday, July 14, 2013


Half-Point Byes:

Must commit before Round 4 and MUST be submitted AT LEAST two hours before the round(s) in question.

Limit of one half-point bye in the last two rounds!


         Number of Half-Point Byes Available:

2000/up:                   Up to 3 half-point byes

1400-1999:                Up to 2 half-point byes

Under 1400/UNR:      Up to 1 half-point bye


Zero point byes are always available in any round if requested at least two hours before the start of the desired round!


Entry Fee:

         Online: $165 by 7/14, $185 after 7/14


By Mail: $167 postmarked by 7/14, $187 postmarked by 7/21; DO NOT MAIL AFTER 7/21!


By Phone: $170 by 7/14, $185 by 7/26. No phone entries after 7/26 (close of business at the USCF Office!)      


Enter by Phone: 1-800-903-8723

At Site: all $190


GMs and WGMs are free, please call or mail-in entry.

All Entries must be made at least two hours prior to your first game played.        


Three different schedules for the first six rounds!:


Traditional: 40/2, SD/1 d5. [7/27] – [8/3] One round daily at 7PM then the final round [8/4] at 3PM.


6-day Option: 40/2, SD/1 d5. [7/30] 7PM; [7/31] to [8/2] Two games per day – one at12 NOON and the second at 7PM.


4-day Option: G/60 d5. [8/1] 12 NOON, 3PM, 7PM, & 10PM; [8/2] at 12 NOON & 3PM.


All schedules MERGE after Round 6 and compete for the same prizes.


Round 7 [All schedules]: [8/2] 7PM.

Round 8 [All schedules]: [8/3] 7PM.

Round 9 [All schedules]: [8/4] 3PM.



In addition to the prize fund of $50,000 based on 500 Entries ($40,000 guaranteed)

Mixed Doubles Prizes!

See U.S. Open Information page for Mix Double Prize Information:


Teams for Mixed Doubles must be submitted by start of

first round of 4-day U.S. Open Schedule (August 1, 2013, 12 NOON)


A ‘Couples’ team is composed of a Male and Female player

The Average rating of the team must be under 1800

A player may be rated over 1800 as long as the team’s average is under the limit


The 2013 Women’s U.S. Open at the U.S. Open

For More Information:


31 July – 4 August: The 2013 U.S. Women’s Open – G/90+30 sec

Open to all female members of the U.S. Chess Federation


Side Events at the U.S. Open


27 July: U.S. Open Bughouse – G/5 d0


27-28 July: U.S. Open Weekend Swiss – G/60 d5


28 July: U.S. Open Scholastic – G/30 d5


29, 30, & 31 July & 1 & 2 August: U.S. Open Quads – G/30 d5


31 July: U.S. Open G/15 Championship – G/15 d5


3 August: U.S. Open Blitz Championship – G/5 d0


All sections have a 5 second delay, except the Blitz and the Bughouse which have no delay and the U.S. Women’s Open is G/90+30 sec.


August 1-2, FIDE Trainers’ Seminar for FIDE Trainer Titles

For more information see FIDE Prospectus:

See Workshop & Committee Meeting Schedule (link below) for time and location


Color Workshop and Committee Meeting Schedule:


The Workshop & Committee Meeting schedule can be found on the U.S. Open information page:

in the “Things you might find useful” box.

FIDE Prospectus is listed in “SIDE EVENTS” box.



          The 2013 July Rating Supplement will be used for the 2013 U.S. Open.

          Current USCF membership through August 2013 required.

          This year’s U.S. Open will NOT be FIDE rated.

          Bring a clock – none supplied.

          Sets/Boards supplied for tournament, but not for skittles.

          All refunds will be mailed from the USCF Office following the conclusion of the event.


For more Information or to Register:



National Events Assistant, Ashley Knight: or 931-787-1234, ext. 138.


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  1. I am going to do the 6 day schedule and have a hotel room from 7/30-8/4. I will be leaving Rochester on the morning of Tuesday 7/30 and returning on 8/4. I can give a ride and share a room if anyone is interested.

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