Tom Brinkmann ties for 1st in Bloomington Open!

Tomorrow night

We will be having a G/5 blitz tournament starting at 7:00.  The cost to play is $1 for members and $2 for non-members.

Bloomington Open – Crosstable

The Bloomington Open had a good showing of RCC members this past weekend.  Matt Jensen and Maor Leker Locker both tied for class prizes with 3.5/5 in the Open section.  Maor had an incredible performance scoring 2.5/3 against experts and gaining 85 rating points!   Barry Small scored 2 points also in the Open section.

In the Reserve section Tom Brinkmann tied for first with 4.5/5!  Tim Schimke scored 3.5/5 and brought some more rating points down to Rochester.  Ben Yan and Ben Schimke both had 2 points in the Reserve section.

Last Tuesday’s winners – G/15;d5

Open – A new face, Joao Otavio Benevides Demasi, scored 3/3 with wins over Barry, Maor, and Scott Regener.  Demasi will hopefully become a regular at the club!

U1400 – Ben Yan won clear 1st with 2.5/3 beating Justin Ricker and drawing Ben Schimke.

U500 – Hemanth shows up big at his first USCF tournament winning the section with 3 points out of 4.  Only Edwin was able to beat Hemanth.


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