Chess Tomorrow Night – Apache Mall!

Hello RCC members. For anyone interested in playing some chess this Saturday evening (10/18), Barry Small and I will be at the Apache Mall (1201 12th St., Rochester) from 5:00 until 8:00. We’ll either be in the Barnes & Noble café or the food court, depending on noise and space constraints. I’ll bring a few sets and clocks; if you’re coming, please bring a set and a clock if you have them. We’ll most likely play games with a time control of 5 minutes to 15 minutes, depending on everyone’s preferences.

Afterwards, we may grab a bite to eat at the food court or one of the nearby restaurants.

Please forward this email on to anyone I may have missed. Everyone is welcome.


Tom Brinkmann

Website:  I apologize the website was down last weekend but we are back up and running now!

Tuesday:  The RCC will be having an unrated G/90 match with two teams.  Please arrive by 6:45 to be paired up and if you’d like you can send Dennis and Jack an email in advance to make sure you’re on a team.  They will have G/30 for the younger kids.

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