“Where’s the snow?” G/30 d5 tomorrow!

Tomorrow Night: Named after the snow storm that keeps moving north.  Tomorrow night we have a G/30 d5 tournament starting at 6:45.  It’ll be 2 rounds and most likely groups of 4 by rating.  $1 for members and $2 for non-members.  Matt is the TD.

Bloomington Results:   The Rochester Chess Club had another nice showing at a Twin Cities event.  Barry Small scored 1.5/4 against all experts in the Open section!   In the U1800 Richard Huang tied for 4th place with 4/5!  Tom Brinkmann had 3/4 going into the final round and unfortunately lost to one of the co-champions.  David Kong also played in the event and scored 1/5.  If these players would like to share any of their games for the website please send them in PGN format.  Thanks and great job all!

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