January Slow Chess (>1000), G/25 tournament (<1000)

Today: January Slow Chess for players >1000 or who love slow time controls.   Games start at 7:00.  Remaining players we will run a  2 round rated G/25 d5 tournament at 7:15.  To sign-up for USCF please visit https://secure2.uschess.org/webstore/member.php, or I can help you at the club on Tuesday.  We will have an unrated section as well.

January Slow Chess:  Pairings/Standings
Send Matt an email or tell in person to register, mjensen23@gmail.com.  We will find everyone a game and byes are allowed.  Most regular club members rated over 1000 will be playing in this event.

2015  Grand Prix Schedule.

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