Grand Prix Blitz on Tuesday!

January Slow Chess Recap: USCF Results
Maor jumped out to a 1.5 point lead in the 2015 Grand Prix (link on the right) by winning the January slow chess with a perfect score 5/5!  We had a 3-way time for 2nd place between Scott Regener, George Paulik and Dennis Mays.  Frank Fulsom and Gil Baron both had notably strong performances, each gaining >100 rating points.

Tuesday:  Grand Prix Event #2, Blitz
Matt will be directing the >1000 Grand Prix section, G/3 + 2inc.  10 rounds.   Free to play.
Jack will be directing the <1000 Blitz section with a slightly slower blitz time control and less rounds.  Free to play.
Both sections start at 7:00 and players can pick which section they’d like to play in.


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