Rochester Open Results!

Tonight: G/30 d/5 rated Regular/Quick chess at 7:00.   2 rounds, players split into groups of 4.  $2 for non-members, $1 for members.  Matt is the TD.  [Note: tournament prices changing to ‘free for members, $3 for non-members’ on May 1st.  Membership dues also increasing slightly on May 1st.

Rochester Winter Open:
Grandmaster Mauricio Flores wins the 2015 Rochester Winter Open!  Full Results.  Here are some of the highlights from RCC regulars.  Previous winners and stats.
Maor Leker Locker (4 points, 2nd place!)
Scott Riester (3 points)
Barry Small (2.5 points)
Justin Ricker, Ralph Townsend, Kevin Townsend (2 points)
Richard Huang, Tim Schimke (1.5 points)
Michael Kern (3.5 points, gained over 300 rating points!)
Paul Kinion, Ben Schimke, Bob Frisby (3 points)
Theo Thayib (2 points)
James Zhuo (3 points, tied for 4th)
Gil Baron (2 points)
Max Rivera (3 points, tied for 2nd)
Charlie Liu (2.5 points, 5th place)
Tera Fulsom, Dei-tah Sey (2 points)

Grand Prix and Championship
The RCC Closed format has been modified to allow 8 players into the championship cycle.  Players will also have a chance to play both colors against all opponents.  Please see details at the Grand Prix page.   Here are the current GP rankings:  Maor (11.75), Scott Riester (7.5), Bob (6), Frank (5.25), Tom (5), Justin (5), Michael (4.75), Roy (4), Tim (4).  Next GP event is on April 7th!

We encourage our regular attendees to sign-up for the Rochester Chess Club and the United State Chess Federation.  RCC membership information and member list are provided on our RCC Membership page.  To sign-up/renew an RCC membership you can use PayPal on the left sidebar of the website or pay at the club.  USCF memberships are required if you’d like to play in our rated tournaments.  Join the USCF link.


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