Grand Prix Event Tomorrow (6:30 PM for >1000 USCF)!

Tomorrow: 5 rounds of G/15 d5 Quick Chess .   Please arrive by 6:30 to be paired in round 1 in the Grand Prix section (previously listed as 7:00).   1/2 point byes available for round 1.  Matt is TD.  We will have a non-GP section for players <1000 that will probably run 3 or 4 rounds and start at 7:00.

Free for members, $2 for non-members.  [Note: tournament prices changing to ‘free for members, $3 for non-members’ on May 1st.  Membership dues also increasing slightly on May 1st.]

See the Grand Prix page for more info.

We encourage our regular attendees to sign-up for the Rochester Chess Club and the United State Chess Federation.  RCC membership information and member list are provided on our RCC Membership page.  To sign-up/renew an RCC membership you can use PayPal on the left sidebar of the website or pay at the club.  USCF memberships are required if you’d like to play in our rated tournaments.  Join the USCF link.

Club Location:  Corner of 2nd Street and 3rd Ave SW.  Street parking is free after 5:00 PM at most of the meters.

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