Casual Night and TCCL Prep

Tonight (Tuesday):  Casual night and TCCL prep starting at 7:00.  Dennis will host.

Volunteering opportunity: The Federal Medical Center (FMC) Rochester is always looking for new volunteers from our community.  Laura Martin volunteers there daily and has seen an interest in chess.  Laura has two sons who play chess and says it’s a very rewarding experience at FMC.  Please send her an email ( if you’re interested in this exciting opportunity.

Simul Against Matt Jensen tomorrow!

Tomorrow:  Matt Jensen will be giving a simultaneous exhibition against all RCC members.  Clocks will be used and players must take notation of the games.  The time control will be G/60+inc15 starting at 7:00 PM.

Chess Camp:  Matt Jensen and Dennis Mays will be holding a chess camp at the Mayo Clinic Harwick Cafeteria from 9AM-1PM on Saturday, October 24th.  The curriculum will be adapted to fit those enrolled in the camp.  Please ask Matt or Dennis for more details.