Tom Brinkmann ties for 1st in Bloomington Open!

Tomorrow night

We will be having a G/5 blitz tournament starting at 7:00.  The cost to play is $1 for members and $2 for non-members.

Bloomington Open – Crosstable

The Bloomington Open had a good showing of RCC members this past weekend.  Matt Jensen and Maor Leker Locker both tied for class prizes with 3.5/5 in the Open section.  Maor had an incredible performance scoring 2.5/3 against experts and gaining 85 rating points!   Barry Small scored 2 points also in the Open section.

In the Reserve section Tom Brinkmann tied for first with 4.5/5!  Tim Schimke scored 3.5/5 and brought some more rating points down to Rochester.  Ben Yan and Ben Schimke both had 2 points in the Reserve section.

Last Tuesday’s winners – G/15;d5

Open – A new face, Joao Otavio Benevides Demasi, scored 3/3 with wins over Barry, Maor, and Scott Regener.  Demasi will hopefully become a regular at the club!

U1400 – Ben Yan won clear 1st with 2.5/3 beating Justin Ricker and drawing Ben Schimke.

U500 – Hemanth shows up big at his first USCF tournament winning the section with 3 points out of 4.  Only Edwin was able to beat Hemanth.


Election results, TCCL standings, $3 quick chess tomorrow!

Tomorrow night

We will be having a G/15 d/5 tournament starting at 7:00.  The cost to play is $3 for members and $5 for non-members with some small cash prizes.

Election Results

First off we would like to thank Jack Fulsom, Chris Shomenta, and Roy Knuth for their contributions in their former positions.  These members volunteered when the club was in desperate need of leadership and we are all very grateful.  All of the new officers ran for their current positions unopposed.  Dennis Mays is the new President of the RCC/MCCC with the slogan “a chicken in every pot”.  “A car in every garage” might be for his re-election term!  The following positions were also filled:

Vice President – Mitch Mast

Treasurer – Jack Fulsom

Secretary – Matt Jensen

Scholastic Representative – Maor Leker Locker

Full list of officers

TCCL – website link

Gold Division – The Rochester Ultimates lost another close match 2.5-1.5 and are currently in 7th place.  Rob Newshutz is leading the team with 1.5 points so far.

Silver Division – Rochester B2 or not B2 won 3.5-1.5 again and are sitting in first place!  Kevin Gaustad, Ralph Townsend and Maor Leker Locker are all a perfect 2/2 so far and Roy Truelson has 2 draws against experts on board 1.

Bronze Division – The Rochester Knights lost to the 2nd highest rated team in the division.  The knights are currently in 6th place with Dennis Mays and Jack Fulsom both scoring 1.5/2 so far!

New Game Added

On the games page there is a new added game from one of the Lourdes Chess Camps hosted by Dennis Mays and Matt Jensen.  Dennis has added notes throughout the game and the endgame is very instructive.  Check it out!