Register early for USCF Monthly Rated on Saturday

Saturday, 10/27.
4 round Swiss pairings, G/60 with a 5 second increment.  Sections and prizes will be determined based on entrants.
(If a low turn out the tournament director will combined sections Accordingly.)
SITE: Mayo Clinic Harwick Cafeteria, SW corner of 3rd Ave. SW & 2nd St. SW, Rochester, MN. Free street parking or in the Republic Parking Ramp (11 Center Street W, located 5 blocks NE of the Harwick Building). Enter the Harwick building through the east entrance on 3rd Ave SW.
Round Start times:
REGISTRATION: 8-8:45 am.
Round 1, 9:00 am.
Round 2, 12:00 pm.
Round 3, 2:00 pm.
Round 4, 4:00 pm.
EF: $15.00 (Adult) & $10.00 (Youth)
($5.00 off if you are a Chess Club member)
PRIZES: Will be determined on the number of entries.


You can reserve your place in the Tournament by sending e-mails to Matt,, confirming your interest to play.
RCC and USCF rated.

Caleb’s blitz tournament had a strong field!

Caleb’s blitz tournament was one of the strongest fields ever at the RCC.  We played G/5, d/5, 2 games against each opponent for 4 rounds.  Ratings are updated on the ladder to the right.

No. Name Rate Pts Post Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Jensen, Matt 2018 7.0 2024 W7,2.0 W5,1.5 W6,2.0 W3,1.5
2 Newshutz, Rob 1681 6.5 1712 W10,2.0 W9,2.0 L3,0.5 W5,2.0
3 Riester, Scott 1897 6.0 1905 W4,2.0 W6,2.0 W2,1.5 L1,0.5
4 Locker, Maor 1464 6.0 1514 L3,0.0 W8,2.0 W9,2.0 W7,2.0
5 Shomenta, Chris 1752 4.0 1734 W9,2.0 L1,0.5 W7,1.5 L2,0.0
6 Gaustad, Kevin 1650 4.0 1637 W8,2.0 L3,0.0 L1,0.0 W10,2.0
7 Knuth, Roy 1638 2.5 1596 L1,0.0 W10,2.0 L5,0.5 L4,0.0
8 Albrecht, Edwin 574 2.0 685 L6,0.0 L4,0.0 D10,1.0 D9,1.0
9 Yan, Ben 1039 1.0 1003 L5,0.0 L2,0.0 L4,0.0 D8,1.0
10 Karth, Caleb 914 1.0 888 L2,0.0 L7,0.0 D8,1.0 L6,0.0

RCC Champions Place 1st/2nd

Monthly Rated Summary: Eleven players showed up today for our G/60,d/5 monthly rated tournament.  The 3 round accelerated Swiss tournament was organized as one section with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and top U1600/unrated.  Kevin Gaustad, the RCC Champion, scored a perfect 3 points and bumped his rating over 1800!  Maor Leker Locker, the RCC Youth Champion, scored 2.5 points for clear 2nd place.  Ben Schimke and Walker Larson split the class prize with one point each.

USCF Crosstable | Ladder Ratings Updated 

Tuesday night: G/15; D5 four round Swiss tournament. Entry fee: $5 members, $7 nonmembers.  RCC rated.  Tournament starts at 6:30 PM and should end by 9:00.  You can now renew your membership via PayPal on our membership page.

RCC Correspondence Championship 2012:  I am organizing a free correspondence tournament for RCC members only.  It’s free to play in you just need to be a member.  To join the RCC group on and sign-up for the tournament follow the links:

RCC group | RCC Correspondence Championship 2012

Next Monthly Rated (10/27): The info is posted on the schedule.  There are a few small changes.  The first round will be at 9:00 and we will have 4 rounds.  The plan is to still be finished by 6:30 PM.  Link on the right sidebar or the schedule page.