Larry C Lecture and G/90 Results

On Friday this week we will be having a free lecture for RCC members in the Mayo Geffin Auditorium.  Grandmaster Larry Christiansen will be presenting.  Here’s a link to the Larry C flyer.


March G/90 round 2 will be on Tuesday at 6:30PM.  Results and pairings below.

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
02 1. xxx Mays, Dennis C (1.0,1643) xxx Newshutz, Robert N (1.0,1949)
02 2. xxx Berg, George Stanl (1.0,1438) xxx Gaustad, Kevin A (1.0,1796)
02 3. xxx Fulsom, Frank A (1.0,1186) xxx Townsend, Ralph (0.5,1858)
02 4. xxx Leker Locker, Maor (0.0,1652) xxx Paulik, Mikael Tho (1.0,1176)
02 5. xxx Paulik, George F (0.5,1722) xxx Burkhalter, Terrence (1.0,nnnn)
02 6. xxx Fulsom, Jack A (0.0,1498) xxx Knuth, Roy A (0.0,1715)
02 7. xxx Schimke, Timothy J (0.5,1526) xxx Regener, Scott (0.5,1495)
02 8. xxx Baron, Gilbert (0.5,985) xxx Albrecht, Edwin (0.5,597)
02 9. xxx Sinicrope, Anthony (0.0,744) xxx Kinion, Paul Arthu (0.0,1417)
02 10. xxx Markland, Matt (0.0,nnnn) xxx Yan, Benjamin (0.0,954)
02 0.5 Frogner, David Bru (0.5,1305) BYE REQUESTED
02 0.5 Schimke, Benjamin (0.5,1107) BYE REQUESTED
No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2
1 Newshutz, Robert N 1949 1.0 W17 A3
2 Gaustad, Kevin A 1796 1.0 W18 A4
3 Mays, Dennis C 1643 1.0 W19 A1
4 Berg, George Stanl 1438 1.0 W16 A2
5 Fulsom, Frank A 1186 1.0 W20 A8
6 Paulik, Mikael Tho 1176 1.0 W22 A17
7 Burkhalter, Terrence 1.0 W21 A9
8 Townsend, Ralph 1858 0.5 -H- A5
9 Paulik, George F 1722 0.5 D11 A7
10 Schimke, Timothy J 1526 0.5 -H- A11
11 Regener, Scott 1495 0.5 D9 A10
12 Frogner, David Bru 1305 0.5 -H- -H-
13 Schimke, Benjamin 1107 0.5 -H- -H-
14 Baron, Gilbert 985 0.5 -H- A15
15 Albrecht, Edwin 597 0.5 -H- A14
16 Knuth, Roy A 1715 0.0 L4 A18
17 Leker Locker, Maor 1652 0.0 L1 A6
18 Fulsom, Jack A 1498 0.0 L2 A16
19 Kinion, Paul Arthu 1417 0.0 L3 A21
20 Yan, Benjamin 954 0.0 L5 A22
21 Sinicrope, Anthony 744 0.0 L7 A19
22 Markland, Matt 0.0 L6 A20

The Rated March G/90 Tournament

This tournament is looking to be one of the clubs strongest tournaments of the year so far.

4 rounds of G/90; d/5 starting at 6:30 PM (or sooner if both players present) on our normal Tuesdays.  Pairings will be made the week prior and players should give notice by 6:30 PM the week prior if they can not make the next week.  Format will be a swiss with multiple sections if we have enough players.  USCF rated.  Please email Matt to pre-register or sign-up below.
Rounds: March 5, 12, 19, 26.   ½ point byes available.

Pre-registration list

1.Ron Deike (2006)

 2.Rob Newshutz (1931)

3.Ralph Townsend (1857)

4.George Paulik (1722)

5.Roy Knuth (1715)

6.Maor Leker Locker (1652)

7.Dennis Mays (1643)

8.Larry Jasperson (1607); ½ point byes round 1 and 3

9.Tim Schimke (1526)

10.Jack Fulsom (1498)

11.Scott Regener (1495)

12.George Berg (1438)

13.Paul Kinion (1417)

14.Dave Frogner (1305); ½ point bye round 2

15.Frank Fulsom (1186)

16.Ben Schimke (1178)

17.Mikael Paulik (1176)

18.Gilbert Baron (985)

19.Ben Yan (953)

20.Edwin Albrecht (597)

Lots of updates!

Tuesday – Tuesday night will be a casual night and club ladder challenge.  Some of us are planning to prepare for the TCCL matches on Friday night.

Larry C Lecture – A huge thanks to Dennis Mays and Mike McKinley for setting up another lecture with Grandmaster Larry Christiansen!  Larry C lecture details.

March G/90 – Only 1 spot [Updated 11:20PM] remaining!  We are going to cap the tournament at 16 players so please sign-up soon if you’re interested.

Winter Open Results – We had some club members with strong performances at the Minnesota Winter Open this year.  Rob Newshutz scored 3.5/5 in the very difficult Premier section.  Ben Schimke continued his successful streak from his last 3 tournaments and tied for 2nd place in the Bantam section with an impressive 4/5 points.  Winter Open crosstable.

Rochester Grand Winter Open Results (Facebook page for pictures)

In the premier section Matt Jensen tied for 2nd place with 4/5.  Roy Knuth (2.5), Maor Leker Locker (2), George Berg (2),  and Tim Schimke (1.5) all gained rating points in the section.

In the amateur section Larry Jasperson tied for 3rd place with 3.5/5.  Daniel Freiburger (2.5), Richard Huang (2.5), Ben Yan (2) all gained rating points.

Ben Schimke proved once again his rating hasn’t caught up with his play and won clear 2nd place in the Reserve section.

In the Bantam section Nate Harmsen tied for 8th place out of 26 gaining some rating points.

Check out the facebook page for pictures of the event.  USCF Crosstable.

New Game Added

Jack Fulsom added a nice TCCL victory to our games page with annotations by both Jack and Matt.