RCC Closed Championship Results

RCC Closed Championship

The RCC Championship was split between Matt Jensen and Scott Riester with 4.5/5 points.  The two played in the last round after each won their first 4 games.  Maor Leker Locker finished 3rd place and gained 71 elo points!  In the Amateur section Roy Knuth won scoring 4/5 only giving up draws to Jack Fulsom and Ben Yan.  2nd place was a tie between Jack and George Berg.  Ben Yan finished 4th and gained an impressive 170 elo points!!  Full crosstable.


We will be having a G/10; d5 USCF Quick chess tournament starting at 7:00.  Free to play!


The elections will be held at the club on October 29th and members will have the chance to vote via email or in-person in advance if they cannot attend on 10/29. If you’re interested in re-running for your current position or a different position please send me an email and I can add you to the ballot.  I know Jack is looking to move to Treasurer to fill Chris’ shoes.  I’ll be running for secretary again but don’t mind if someone else wants to fill the role.
Thanks everyone,

TCCL Results and Schedule Posted!

Tuesday night we will be having our last night of theme opening games and casual night.

TCCL: Twin Cities Chess League kicked off last Friday with a great start for the Rochester Teams!  TCCL Results Spreadsheet.

  • In the Gold Division the Mayo Ultimates lost 2.5-1.5 against a tough Champions of the Castle team.  Scott Riester earned a draw against Kevin Wasiluk and Rob Newshutz got a win for the team.  The team is in 5th place.
  • In the Silver Division Mayo B2 or not B2 won 3.5-0.5 against Tal Tales and is tied for first place!  Kevin, Ralph and Maor all notched wins for the team and Roy T. drew with an expert.
  • In the Bronze Division Mayo Knights went a perfect 4-0 against Andover2 and will be playing up next round.  Congrats to George, Roy K., Dennis and Jack!  The team is tied for first place.

Schedule Posted: The upcoming schedule for the next two months has been posted.  Please take a look!

RCC Closed Tournament:  The RCC Closed Tournament is a 6 player invitational, with 2 sections.  Spectators are welcome to come watch the games.  http://rochesterchess.com/schedule/rcc-2013-championship/

Save the Date: The Rochester Grand Winter Open plans are almost finalized.  The tournament will be held on February 7-8, 2014.

Theme Openings and Casual Night

Tuesday night we will be having theme opening games and casual night.

New Games!  Maor Leker Locker has added two games to our game tab.  One nice win over Corey Butler, and a hard-fought loss against National Master Wilson Gibbons.  Please check them out.

TCCL: Twin Cities Chess League starts on Friday!  Rochester will be taking up 3 teams this year.  Below are the starters for each team.  We also have a strong group of substitutes available.  If you would like to be a sub and haven’t told an officer please let one know.

  • Mayo Ultimates (Gold Division): Scott Riester, Matt Jensen, Rob Newshutz, Piyush Mukherjee
  • Mayo (Silver Division):  Roy Truelson, Kevin Gaustad, Ralph Townsend, Maor Leker Locker
  • Mayo Knights (Bronze Division): George Paulik, Roy Knuth, Dennis Mays, Jack Fulsom