Rochester Students Return from SuperNationals

Upcoming Events

Free tournaments: A quick note about our upcoming USCF tournaments;  They are all free for members unless an entry fee is listed.  We hope everyone enjoys the chance to play rated games for free!

Tuesday Night: We will be having a USCF rated Quick chess tournament starting at 7 PM.  Free for members.

May G/90:  We are up to 15 players signed up for the May G/90.  Please let Matt know in the next couple of weeks if you’d like to play.  Registration list.

Previous Events

Press release on SuperNationals from Century Coach Chuck Handlon:

For public release:

Several Rochester area students competed in the United States Chess Federation K-12 SuperNationals V tournament April 5-7 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The tournament consisted of seven matches over three days, some of them four hours in length.  Players competed as individuals and teams (top four scores from one school were counted as the team score) receiving one point for a win and one half point for a draw.  Competition was divided into divisions based on the players United States Chess Federation rating.

George Berg (11th grader from Lourdes) finished with a score of 3.5 which was good for second place in the Under 1500 group.  The Century chess club team placed 21st of 73 teams and 400 players in the Under 1200 rating division.  The team was led by senior Enoch Tan who had 4.5 points (94th), followed by seniors Michael Ekker with 4.0 points, Gregory Nathan 3.0 and sophomore Ethan Kub who had 3.0 points.

Century freshman Maor Locker finished with 3.0 points in the K-12 championship division.  This was good for 20th place among all 9th graders in that division.

Chuck Handlon,

Secretary Rochester Area Scholastic Chess League

March G/90 Best Game Prize: The Best Game prize has been awarded to Dennis Mays for the March G/90.  Great job Dennis!

World Festival: There are some great pictures of the World Festival on our Facebook page.

Recent USCF Results:  All RCC rated events

  • April 12, Winter Never Ends:  
    • 1st – Larry Jasperson
    • U1400 1st  – Richard Huang
  • April 9, Dual Rated Tournament:  
    • Group 1 1st – Rob Newshutz
    • Group 2 1st – Richard Huang
    • Group 3 1st – Ben Schimke
  • April 2, Blitz Tournament:
    • 1st (tie) – Scott Riester and Matt Jensen

A busy week of chess!

Upcoming Schedule

Tuesday: USCF G/25 d/5 quads starting at 7:00 PM.  Please register between 6:15-6:30 PM so Jack and Matt can get the players grouped into quads.  This tournament is USCF regular and quick rated.

Friday: USCF G/29 d/5 tournament starting at 7:00 PM.  Registration 6:15-6:30 PM.  George Paulik will be directing this tournament and will probably have one or two sections.  Please bring sets and clocks just in case we need them.  USCF regular and quick rated.

Saturday:  Two events are going on.  RCC members will be volunteering World Festival.  Please contact Jack for more information and check out info on the right sidebar.  There is also a tournament for students grades 6-8 at Northrop school. Please register online if you’re student is interested.

May G/90:  We are up to 11 players signed up for the May G/90.  Please let Matt know in the next couple of weeks if you’d like to play.  Registration list. RCC Correspondence Championship:  The correspondence championship has moved onto the final round with 6 players remaining.  Watch the games.

Club Ladder: The club ladder with RCC ratings is being retired.  We are switching over to running more USCF tournaments in all 3 categories (Regular, Quick, Blitz).  There is an RCC ratings link on the right sidebar that will be updated monthly.  Players are sorted by the average of their three USCF ratings.


MN Scholastic Results

A quick reminder tomorrow night is our first USCF Blitz tournament at the club.  This is a new USCF rating category for games between 5 and 10 minutes!  Free for members and we’ll start at 7 PM.

Below is a recap of the scholastic tournament by Chuck Handlon.  Dennis Mays annotated a nice game by George Berg which is posted on the Games page.

Photos of State from Century Coach Chuck Handlon.

Rochester Chess Players Find Some Success at 2013 State Tournament

Rochester area students were challenged in the Minnesota State Chess Association 2013 state scholastic chess tournament held at the Crowne Plaza in St. Paul March 23 & 24.  Over 200 students grades K-12 competed in six rounds of games, some of them over three hours in length.  The tournament was divided into K-9 and 9-12 divisions.  About 30 middle and high school teams were represented.

Several Rochester players had success breaking the “top twenty” of the tournament, all with records of 4-2.  Various tiebreakers were used for the overall place.  In the K-9 division Peter Hansel (Friedell MS) finished 17th while Richard Huang (Kellogg) was 20th.  Zhengdao Lin a Willow Creek 8th grader followed at 23rd. The best high school finishes were Maor Locker (Century) who was 20th and Daniel Frieburger (Lourdes) who was 22nd and named the “top twelfth grader”.

Team scores are based on the best four team players’ scores.  Willow Creek Middle School received the Second Place Middle School trophy.  This was an excellent finish for a team that had never participated in a tournament.  The team was coached by Jim Huerter a paraprofessional in the RPS middle school Newcomers program at Willow Creek.  The team consisted of eight boys and two girls who are English Speakers Other Languages in the program including some who have only recently come to the United States.

Rochester Lourdes High School coached by Dennis Mays achieved 9th on tiebreakers with 12.5 points.  Century High School coached by Chuck Handlon was 14th with 9 points.

Individual and team results of this tournament may be found on the Minnesota Chess Castle website

                                                                  Chuck Handlon

                                                                  Rochester Area Scholastic Chess League