Tomorrow Blitz Chess + RCC wins vote chess game 2!

Tomorrow night at the club is a speed chess tournament.  Free to play and you can come anytime with byes for any missed rounds.  We will start the first round around 6:30.  The club will be closed next week for the holiday.

In other news, the RCC group on won their 2nd vote chess game.  Below is the analysis compiled by Rob.  Sign up for the RCC group here, we have 26 current members.


Last Monthly Rated of 2012 and schedule through the end of 2012

Monthly Rated (Saturday!)


We will be having 2 months off from our monthly USCF rated tournaments.  This is due to the holidays and some larger state tournaments coming up.  Right now we have a fairly large number of players committed to play or planning on playing.  Below is the list of players planning on playing as of now.  Please take a look at the schedule on the right sidebar.  We will be starting at 9:00 AM and playing 4 rounds.  I will try to have the tournament wrapped up by 6:15 PM.  If you can arrive between 8:00 and 8:45 that will help us get started right at 9:00.  Please send me an email if you are interested in playing but not on the list (  You can always sign up on site as well before 8:45.

Ralph Townsend (1856)

Kevin Gaustad (1805)

George Paulik (1755)

Roy Knuth (1700)

Mike Larson (1576)

Tim Schimke (1570)

Larry Jasperson (1566)

Maor Leker Locker (1525)

Paul Kinion (1457)

Richard Huang (1207)

Ben Schimke (1107)

Walker Larson (734)

Ivan (UNR)

Anthony (UNR)


Halloween Attack theme tournament!  This will be a lot of fun.  $5 for members and $7 for non-members.  Details on the right sidebar.

New photo of the club champions is also available on the club champions page.


Rochester at TCCL & weekly updates

Twin Cities Chess League: 

In the Gold division the Mayo Ultimates (Matt, Scott, Rob and Ralph) won 2.5-1.5 to move into 1st place!  Scott and Matt are leading their respective boards with 1.5 and 2 points.

In the Silver division Mayo B2 or not B2 (Roy, Kevin, George and Roy) tied 2-2 and are sitting in 4th place out of 8.  George and Roy are both 2-0 so far leading their respective boards.

In the Bronze division the Mayo Knights (Chris, Peter, Maor, Paul) won 3-1 to move into 3rd place out of 20.  Peter, Maor and Paul are all tied for first on their boards with perfect scores!  Great job Bronze team.

Results page

Tomorrow night at club:

Caleb’s Blitz Tournament – details on the schedule.  Starts at 6:30 with a cost of $5 for members with cash prizes.

Monthly Rated:  Event details on the right sidebar.  Email Matt to pre-register.

Chess Coaching Opportunities:  There are opportunities to teach chess in the Rochester area.  Please send me (Matt) an email and I can pass on some information.