Weekly Updates and RCC Correspondence Championship


Tuesday night is a casual night at the club.  Drop by any time and play some chess without any pressure of the tournament atmosphere.  We will be open from 6:30-9:00.

Friday night is our second Twin Cities Chess League match.  I will post updates next weekend after the games are completed.


RCC wins vote chess game 1!

After a battle in a Queen’s Gambit Accepted the RCC team has won our first vote chess game.  The winning team consisted of 10 RCC members:  Rob Newshutz, Mike McKinley, Jacob Pintos, Ryan Harmsen, George Paulik, Jack Fulsom, Chris Shomenta, Tim Schimke, Nathan826 and myself.  We started a new vote chess game with a slower time control (3 days / move) that everyone is invited to join!  Rob put a detailed game analysis from our first game which is on the games page.  A big thanks goes to Rob and Mike for doing a lot of the heavy analysis along the way.  We also had some great discussions at the Harwick about our games in progress with other club members.  Great job everyone.

Rochester Chess Club Correspondence Championship

We are running the first RCC Correspondence Championship on chess.com (FREE).  The time control is 3 days per move and there is vacation time available if you can’t make your move within 3 days.  All games are played on the website so there is no need to send out envelopes with stamps or even emails.  This is as easy as correspondence gets!  We are at 16 players confirmed trying to get 18 players with 3 RR sections of 6 players.  The top 2 from each section will move on to the final RR of 6 players for the championship.  You will be required to play all 5 opponents at once.  Here are the steps to sign-up.
Step 1)  Sign-up for chess.com  –>
Step 2) Send me (Matt) an email reply with your chess.com username and I will invite you to the tournament and the RCC group.  If you are already a member of the RCC group you have received an invite from me 🙂


3-way tie for 1st again

We had 8 tournament players tonight and about 4-5 casual players.  Maor is climbing the ladder by gaining another 73 points!

No. Name Rate Pts Post Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Rob 1680 3.0 1681 -H- W4 D2 W7
2 Roy 1628 3.0 1638 W6 W5 D1 D3
3 Maor 1391 3.0 1464 -H- W6 W5 D2
4 Ivan 1251 2.0 1253 W8 L1 W7 L5
5 Dennis 1613 2.0 1584 W7 L2 L3 W4
6 Jai 1150 1.0 1143 L2 L3 W8 -U-
7 Ben 1050 1.0 1039 L5 W8 L4 L1
8 Edwin 574 0.0 566 L4 L7 L6 -U-

RCC Champions Place 1st/2nd

Monthly Rated Summary: Eleven players showed up today for our G/60,d/5 monthly rated tournament.  The 3 round accelerated Swiss tournament was organized as one section with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and top U1600/unrated.  Kevin Gaustad, the RCC Champion, scored a perfect 3 points and bumped his rating over 1800!  Maor Leker Locker, the RCC Youth Champion, scored 2.5 points for clear 2nd place.  Ben Schimke and Walker Larson split the class prize with one point each.

USCF Crosstable | Ladder Ratings Updated 

Tuesday night: G/15; D5 four round Swiss tournament. Entry fee: $5 members, $7 nonmembers.  RCC rated.  Tournament starts at 6:30 PM and should end by 9:00.  You can now renew your membership via PayPal on our membership page.

RCC Correspondence Championship 2012:  I am organizing a free correspondence tournament for RCC members only.  It’s free to play in you just need to be a chess.com member.  To join the RCC group on chess.com and sign-up for the tournament follow the links:

RCC Chess.com group | RCC Correspondence Championship 2012

Next Monthly Rated (10/27): The info is posted on the schedule.  There are a few small changes.  The first round will be at 9:00 and we will have 4 rounds.  The plan is to still be finished by 6:30 PM.  Link on the right sidebar or the schedule page.