Fun “Hand and Brain” Tournament Tonight

We will have a hand and brain event tonight for fun starting at 7:00 hosted by Golden. ┬áTeams of two will be formed, with one player being the ‘hand’ and one player being the ‘brain’. ┬áThe brain will say the name of a piece and the brain has to use that piece to make a move on the board.

Hope to see many of you there!

August Slow USCF Tournament

Hello Chess Club Members,
I will be directing the August slow tournament. The tournament will be a G/90: D5 Swiss tournament, consisting of 5 rounds. If you are interested in playing you can email me at indicating your interest in playing. Players will be allowed to request 2 byes in this tournament. If you find yourself needing a bye please let me know in advance before the round is started.
August Slow Tournament Details:
Time Control: G/90: D5
Rounds: 5
Sections: I will try to run 2 sections in this tournament. If there are enough players that want to participate in the lower section. If there are 2 sections, there will be a open section and a U1500 section.
Playtime: Every Tuesday in August. Rounds will start at 7 PM.
This tournament is the USCF rated tournament.
I will be trying something new during this tournament. My sister and I will attempt to broadcast board 1 live on Facebook during the tournament. I want to attempt this in order to work out any bugs or interference that this may cause players. In order to broadcast next year’s Rochester open.
I hope to see you all that next month’s tournament.