October G/90; d5

Hi Chess players,


I will be directing (Jack) a G/90; d5 in Oct. This tournament will be a four round tournament. I will allow two byes for the tournament. There will be no byes for the final round. If you need a bye, please let me know before the pairings of the next round. Pairings will be done and sent out the following Wednesday, after the conclusion of a round.

If you would like to sign up before October third, you can send an E-mail to me (Jack) at Jfulsom@charter.net. Please make sure when E-mailing with your intentions to play you send your information to me and not to Matt. As it gets real confusing for us TD’s and keeping entries straight.


Thank you, and I will see you in October.


Grandmaster Timur Gareyev Chess Festival!


Site: Chess Castle (1121 NE Jackson St #134, Minneapolis, MN 55413).

Saturday Blindfolded Simul: A free potluck lunch at noon. Players meet Timur at 12:30pm. Blindfolded Simul begins at 1pm! Time Control: G/2h+3m.

Registration: Nonrefundable entry in advance at http://beginnersmindchess.org/our-initiatives/ $45 for Castle Members, others $55. 15 players maximum.

Sunday Dynamic Blindfold Games Highlights Lecture: A second free potluck lunch at noon; then, the Lecture starts at 1pm.

Registration: Onsite $20 for Simul Players, $25 Castle Members, and others $35.

Prizes: There will be a random drawing for prizes, and possibly brilliancy prizes.

Questions: Contact Dane Zagar at danezagar@gmail.com