Rochester Chess Club

Dear Chess Players,
The Rochester chess club has been going under some changes with its officers.  After many years of service George Paulik and Kevin Gaustad have decided to step down.  I would like to thank them for their commitment to the Rochester chess club and to the chess community.  Without them the club would have probably closed a long time ago.  I have appointed new officers for the club.  I believe with their valuable help that we will continue to keep the club going for many years.  As well, as promote chess in Rochester and the surrounding area.  Without further ado, I will introduce your new officers.
Rochester chess Club Officers:
Pres. Jack Fulsom
VP: Roy Knuth
Treasurer: Chris Shomenta
Tournament Organizer: Ron Deike
Webpage Masters: Matt Jensen and Piyush Mukherjee
Scholastic Representative: Dennis Mays
I’m looking forward to working with everyone that will be taking on the responsibility of club officers.
Keep your eyes and ears open for new and upcoming chess events from the Rochester chess club.
Thanks and good chess to all,