Two Events on Saturday

Monthly Rated

Below are the round times for the up-and-coming Saturday tournaments.  The time controls for these tournaments will be G/60; D5.  $5 for RCC Members, $10 for non-members.  This event is USCF rated.

Players can be registered by sending Jack ( an email or they can preregister on Tuesday nights at the club.  Approximately 80% of the entry fees will go to prizes.

Registration: 9 AM – 9:45 AM

Round 1: 10:00 am
Lunch: 12:00pm – 1pm
Round 2:   1:00 pm
Round 3:   3:30 pm
Round 4:   6:00 pm


Synagogue Night

7 PM at the B’Nai Israel Synagogue.  Please bring a $1 donation and a set/clock. There will possibly be an unrated quick chess tournament.

Lots of Updates!!

Scholastic State Championship

Maor Leker Locker tied for first in the Minnesota K-12 Championship!!  Coach Chuck Handlon helped get the word out and here’s a press release:

From Tim Schimke (thanks Tim!):

Maor — Tied first K-12 with 5 of 6
RCC Alum Daniel Lekah also tied for first in K-12 with 5 of 6

Richard Huang — Tied 6th K-9 (8th after tiebreaks) with 4.5 of 6

Ben Schimke — Tied 12th K-9 with 4 of 6 (many players with 4)

March G/90 completed

Maor Leker Locker and Rob Newshutz tied for first place in the Open section.  Results.  Michael Kern won the U1600.  2014 Grand Prix standings.


The Gold team won their match and is now sitting in 6th place.  Silver lost to one of the top teams and will stay in the Silver division for next year.  Full results.

April 12th is our next Grand Prix event.  Please sign-up with Jack!

No Synagogue Meeting Tonight!

Coming soon:  TCCL Recap and April Schedule

This week

No meeting tonight at the Synagogue.

Tuesday night we will have the March G/90 tournament.


This event is part of our 2014 Grand Prix.  Standings & Pairings.

Open section (G/90 + 5s delay)

Games start at 6:30 PM sharp and the pairings are sent one week in advance.

U1600 section (G/75 + 5s delay)

Games start at 7:00 PM and whoever attends will be paired.