RCC Scholastic Warm-up Next Week (Please Sign-up)

Warmup for Minnesota Scholastic Chess Championship!
March 14 at the Rochester Chess Club, 7 – 9:30 PM.

The Rochester Chess Club is hosting a free event to help scholastic chess players practice for the 2017 Minnesota Scholastic Chess Championship. Scholastic players will be paired against adults from the club for two games of G/30; D5 or one game of G/60; D5. This will give students a game or two against players they do not normally play, compared to the league where board 1 on one team almost always plays against the same student on board 1 on the opposing team.

For planning purposes, we are asking adults and scholastic players to sign up in advance by emailing Matt, mjensen23@gmail.com.

Rated Quick Chess Tomorrow!

Date Unrated or Rated Time Control Event Name Rate TD
March 7 Rated G/15 D5 Ideas of March Quick Q Dennis
March 14 Unrated Warmup for state touranment Dennis